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When your mind is on over-drive and the day to day stress and anxiety is causing you to lose sleep and feel tired all of the time; If you have been through a lot, you are overwhelmed, and you feel like all of your relationships are suffering, I am here to help.

I believe that you are resilient and things can change. I am specialized in stress resilience strategies that work for high achieving millennials, adults transitioning at mid-life, and adults dealing with stress related illness, chronic pain, or disability. I am here to help you get your life back on track with over 15 years of experience.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” - Albert Einstein

My office is a peaceful retreat from the hustle and drama. I am compassionate, non-judgmental and supportive. I provide structure and a system with evidence based solutions for working out of the stress and finding new perspective. The outcomes show that this kind of counseling works in most cases better than medication alone. Many of my clients experience improvement within just 3-5 session. If you are done carrying the anxiety and stress around and want to feel better, contact me at 512-663-8447 OR email

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About Marci Warren

Marci Warren, M.Ed, LPC has been providing psychotherapy and wellness counseling for over 15 years. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Cognitive Processing Therapy as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Management to promote health and healing for adults, couples and families experiencing anxiety, post traumatic stress and process disorders including addiction and chronic illnesses. Marci focuses on helping you to efficiently move through stuck points to discover renewed health and wellness. Engagement in therapy takes time and committment, we will build upon your strengths and work together toward the outcomes you seek.

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